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Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading silicone rubber manufactures in China. It primarily provides HTV silicone rubber, RTV-2 silicone rubber, silicone oil, Addition Cure Silicone Rubber, and more. These products are green, environment-friendly, and feature high flowability, low viscosity, strong tension, thermostability, acid-alkali and ageing resistance. Besides, the silicone molds thus produced are indeformable. Therefore, they are mainly used in the product duplication and mold making of industries such as toy, arts and crafts, furniture decoration, architectural decoration, resin crafts, unsaturated polyester crafts, stationery, plastering crafts, sculpture, and Buddha statues, etc. Our range of silicone rubber has now been finding a good sale in as many as 70 countries, such as France, Russia, Spain, Britain, Malaysia, etc. and is highly praised by a vast number of global customers there.