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1. What are the main products of your company?
Our company primarily provides RTV-2 silicone rubber, addition cure liquid silicone rubber, HTV silicone rubber, silicone oil, to name a few.

2. What is the application of your products?
Our products are mainly used for product duplication and mold manufacturing of industries such as imitation animal and plant statues, Buddhist statues, plastering, stationery, plastic toys, architectural decoration, resin crafts, unsaturated polyester crafts, artistic candles, and more.

3. What are the advantages of your silicone rubber?
⑴ Good operating performance
⑵ High flowability, low viscosity, and easy operation
⑶ Low shrinkage
⑷ Strong tension
⑸ Indeformability of the molds made by our silicone rubber
⑹ Proper hardness
⑺ High temperature resistance, high frequency of rollover, long service life, acid-alkali and ageing resistance

4. How do you control the quality of your silicone rubber?
All our products have undergone third party inspection before being taken out of storage.

5. Does your silicone rubber meet the requirement for environmental protection?
Yes. Our silicone rubber is green, and environment-friendly.

6. Where do you have your silicone rubber exported?
France, Belgium, Russia, Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Indonesia, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Iran, Greece, Denmark, Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa, Ireland, Thailand, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Colombia, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Romania, Ukraine, Singapore, Israel, Chile, the Philippines, Algeria, Hungary, Pakistan, Kuwait, Egypt, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Peru, Qatar, Libya, Slovakia, Angola, Vietnam, Morocco, Iraq, Bangladesh, Croatia, Belarus, Luxembourg, Winslow Slovenia, Oman, Cuba

7. What is the annual output of your silicone rubber?
The annual output of molding silicone rubber, pad printing silicone rubber, and manual mold silicone rubber has been 8,000 ton, 2,300 ton, and 6,200 ton respectively.

8. What after sales service do we receive if we buy your silicone rubber?
We offer technical support and two year warranty on our products sold.

9. Have your silicone rubber obtained a certificate?
Our products have obtained the SGS certificate.

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