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Methyl Phenyl Silicon Oil

Methyl Phenyl Silicon Oil

Name:HY-202 Polymethylephenyl Silicone Oil
Number: HY-202
Count: 158
Distribution time: 2008-09-23
High temperature hydraulic pressure oil, high temperature caloric carrier.

Typical technical datasheet:
1. Appearance: colorless or yellowy transparent oily liquid
2. Refractive Index (25℃) : 1.480~1.495
3. Viscosity (25 ℃ ) : 100~200 CS
4. Flash Point : ≥300℃
5. Specific Gravity : 1.02~1.08
6. Volatility (250 ℃/2h) :< 1%
7. Phenyl Content : 25%~30%

Properties, applications and package:
The product, which has excellent resistance to high temperature and oxidation, heat stability, lubricity, radiativity resistance, lower freezing point and stability to water, can be used for a long period under the temperature of -50℃~250℃. It is used as a sealing heat condition medium at about 300℃. It is suitable for serving as high temperature hydraulic fluid, high temperature heat carrier, heat resisting electrical insulation oil, conditioner for glass fiber filtering cloth, etc. It is packed in 25KG and 200KG per barrels. The product can be transported and stored as non-hazardous goods.

As one of the leading manufacturers of methyl phenyl silicone oil in China, Hong Ye Jie Silicon Company has obtained the ISO9001 certificate. We mainly provide Addition Cure Silicone Rubber, HTV silicone rubber, RTV-2 silicone rubber, etc., which have won the SGS certificate. With high flowability, low viscosity, strong tension, and high temperature resistance, these products have been exported to over 70 countries such as Russia, Belgium, Britain, Germany, France, to name a few. If you want to know more information about our products, please feel free to contact us. We at Hong Ye Jie look forward to working with you.

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    1. 201 Methyl Silicon Oil Number: HY-201
      Distribution time: 2008-09-23
      Usage: Insulation oil, lubricant, damping oil, shockproof oil, defoamer, release agent.