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Hot Stamping Silicone Roller

Hot Stamping Silicone Roller

Name:HY-453 Hot Stamping Silicone Rubber Roller
Number: hy-453
Count: 643
Distribution time: 2008-09-23
Hot stamping silicone roller, manifdder roller, heat transfer print roller.

HY-453 high-temperature silicone rubber is specially designed for producing heat transfer printing silicone rollers, silicone rubber sheets, and hot stamping silicone rubber plates. It has excellent high-temperature resistance, which added with high-temperature resistant and flame resistant materials like alumina, magnesium hydroxide, etc. and has quick thermal conduction, wearable, resistance to acid and alkali and anti-ageing . The product is the best raw material for manufacturing high-temperature heat transfer silicone rubber roller.
The hardness of the silicone rubber depends on the requirements of the customers.
The general specifications of hardness include 40A°, 50A°, 60A°, 70A°and 80A°, the maximum hardness can reach 90A°.

Standard Datasheet:
Specific gravity     ≥ 1:1.5
Tensile strength MPA  ≥6.5
Elongation%      ≥200
Tear strength     ≥8~10
Linear shrinkage    ≥2~2.5
Rebound elasticity   ≥45
Vulcanizing agent   bi-2.5

HY-453 is mainly applicable to silicone rubber products with the high requirements of temperature resistance and thermal conductivity like hot stamping plates and hot stamping rollers. It is especially suitable for the colored products as well as mold pressing technique.

Hong Ye Jie Silicon Company is a Chinese manufacturer of hot stamping silicone roller, and has obtained the ISO9001 certificate. Established in 1998, it has abundant experience in producing hot stamping silicone roller, molding silicone rubber, injection molding silicone rubber, methyl phenyl silicone oil, and more. Up to now, these products have been exported to over 70 countries, such as Britain, Italy, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Canada, India, to name a few. If you have interest in our silicone roller, please feel free to contact us. We at Hong Ye Jie are looking forward to working with you.

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