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Hot Stamping Silicone Plate

Hot Stamping Silicone Plate

Name:HY-452 Hot Stamping Silicone rubber Plate
Number: HY-452
Count: 559
Distribution time: 2008-09-23
Special high temperature resistance products, hot stamping plate, hot stamping silicone roller, heat transfer print,etc.

HY-452 hot stamping silicone rubber plate is mainly used as high-temperature resistant and heat transfer printing material in the plastic toys, craftwork gifts, hardware and electronic products, and product special printing industries, It transfer-prints fine patterns onto the products through the heat carrier of silicone rubber plate.
Colors are in red, yellow, green and white.

Requirements of the silicone rubber plate:
Resistance to high temperature can reach 350~400℃
The hardness depends on the patterns to be printed.
The generally hardness various in 40A°,50A°,60A°,70A°,and 80A°.

General specifications:

The hot stamping plate is divided into two types:
One is the silicone rubber bonding with the aluminum plate together;
The other is without the aluminum plate.

The hot stamping silicone rubber plate depends on the requirements of the customers. We can customize the plates if special specifications or sizes is required to meet the need of customers and provide value for the customers

As a Chinese manufacturer of hot stamping silicone plate, Hong Ye Jie Siiocne Company has years of experience in producing silicone rubber. In addition to HTV siliocne rubber, we also provide Addition Cure Silicone Rubber, RTV-2 silcone rubber, silicone oil, and more. These products have obtained the SGS certificate and are exported to as many as 70 countries, including Britain, Italy, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Canada and India, to name a few. If you are looking for high quality low priced silicone rubber, please contact us. We at Hong Ye Jie are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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    1. Hot Stamping Silicone Roller Number: hy-453
      Distribution time: 2008-09-23
      Usage: Hot stamping silicone roller, manifdder roller, heat transfer print roller