Products list
    1. HY-450 Gross Rubber Number: HY-450
      Distribution time: 2010-06-21
      Usage: Mold press for medical tube, transparent products, diving glasses,etc.
    1. HY-451 Gross Rubber Number: HY-451
      Distribution time: 2010-06-21
      Usage: Baby nipples, cake mold, food mold,etc.

Gross Silicone Rubber

Application of gross silicone rubber
The gross silicone rubber is suitable for transparent products like nipples of feeding bottles, cake moulds, food moulds, and catheters, etc.

Description of gross silicone rubber
The HY-451 gross silicone rubber is made of several materials of gum vinyl, silicon dioxide, crosslinking agent, constitution controller, coupling agent, and is created through high temperature mixing in internal mixers.

Technical parameters of gross silicone rubber

Hardness ≧50±2 A°
Specific gravity 1:1
Exterior appearance   Transparent
Tensile strength ≧8.5MPA
Elongation rate   ≧600﹪
Tearing strength ≧2.5-2.8﹪
Rebound resilience ≧62
Vulcanizer ≧2.5

Hong Ye Jie Silicon Company is one of the leading manufacturers of gross silicone rubber in China. Since our silicone rubber features high flowability, low viscosity, strong tension, and high temperature resistance, it has been now extensively adopted in many countries, such as Britain, Italy, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Canada, India, and more. For more information about silicone rubber, please feel free to contact us. We at Hong Ye Jie are ready to serve you.

Silicone Rubber
    1. Hot Stamping Silicone Plate Number: HY-452
      Distribution time: 2008-09-23
      Usage: Special high temperature resistance products, hot stamping plate, hot stamping silicone roller, heat transfer print,etc.