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Trademark Silicone Rubber

Trademark Silicone Rubber

Name: HY-966 Silicone rubber for trademark
Number: HY-966/HY-967
Count: 448
Distribution time: 2010-06-21
Usage: Trademark of jeans, shoes,and toys.

The series of silicone rubber is divided into dispensing type HY-966 and coating type HY-967. They can not only be fabricated into trademarks independently, but also be fabricated into trademarks through cloth pressing and leather pressing.
HY-966A/HY-966B dispensing type trademark silicone rubber belongs to liquid addition cure system. The amount of the curing agent can be 10% and can also be adjusted to the mixing proportion of 1 : 1. The curing agent is two-component high-strength liquid silicone rubber made of basic compound, cross-linking agent, catalyst, padding and additive. Those materials do not contain heavy metal and aroma solvent, hence, it's not harmful to human body.

Standard Datasheet:

Item no. HY-966 HY-967
Component A B A B
Appearance Transparent Transparent Transparent Transparent
Mix ratio (%) 10 1 10 1
Viscosity (cps) ≥40000 ≥35000
Pot life (H) 1-1.5 1-1.5
Curing time (H) 12-16 12-16
Elongation (%) ≥400 ≥400
Tear strength (KN/m) ≥1.5 ≥2.0
Hardness (A°) Hardness can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers (20-28 A°)

Typical curing Condition:
170℃×5mins, prolong or shorten the curing time appropriately according to the thickness and size of the product during actual use.

Using Instructions:
The mixing proportion of HY-966A and HY-966B is 10:1. Mix component A and component B sufficiently and evenly according to the mixing proportion before use. The process of vacuum-pumping is also needed.
The series of products must not be in contact with organisms like N, P, S, etc., ionic compounds like Hg, Bi, As, etc., and alkynes, vinyl compounds, etc. to avoid the situation at the products can not be cured due to platinum catalyst poisoning. The products particularly can not be in contact with PVC which contains lead causing catalyst poisoning. Some organic pigment also can slow down the curing time or cause uncured .
After HY-966A and HY-966B are mixed, the silicone rubber must be used up within 4 hours, otherwise the cross-linking and curing arises to lose effectiveness. In case of a higher surrounding temperature, more attention should be paid.

Typical data can not be directly used for actual production guidance. Please contact us for details.

General packages of HY-966 and HY-967 products is in 5kg per can, 20kg per pail and 200kg per barrel.

The products can be transported as safety and non-hazardous goods since they are noninflammable with resistance to a high temperature above 300℃.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of trademark silicone rubber in China, Hong Ye Jie has over ten years of experience in producing silicone rubber and has obtained the ISO9001 certificate. Besides, due to reliable quality and competitive prices, our products have been exported to many countries including Britain, Russia, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Canada, India, and more. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. We at Hong Ye Jie are ready to serve you.

Silicone Rubber
    1. HY-968 LifecastingNumber:HY-968
      Distribution time:2010-06-21
      Usage:Mannequin design, silicone bra, electronic filling.