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Silicone is used in the automotive field.

In the automotive field, silicone grease is typically used as a lubricant for brake components since it is stable at high temperatures, is not water-soluble and is far less likely than other lubricants to foul.

Automotive spark plug wires are often insulated by multiple layers of silicone to prevent sparks from jumping to adjacent wires, causing misfires.

Silicone tubing is sometimes used in automotive intake systems (especially for engines with forced-induction).

Sheet silicone is used to manufacture gaskets used in automotive engines, transmissions and other applications.

Automotive body manufacturing plants and paint shops must avoid the presence of all silicones, as they may cause "fish eyes," small, circular craters that appear in the finish.

Additionally, silicone compounds such as silicone rubber are used in the automotive industry for airbags as coatings and sealants. The high strength of silicone rubber makes it an optimal adhesive/sealant for high impact airbags.

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