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Electronic Potting Silicone

    1. Electronic Potting SiliconeNumber:HY-221
      Distribution time:2010-06-18
      Usage:Filling for LED,LCD electronic display, circuit board.
    1. Electronic Potting SiliconeNumber:HY-220
      Distribution time:2010-06-18
      Usage:Filling for LED,LCD electronic display, circuit board.
    1. HY-210 Electronic Potting Silicone The low viscosity, two-component electronic potting silicone is capable of fast cure at room temperature. With good bonding performance, the RTV silicone is applicable to surfaces of such materials as PC, PP, ABS, PVC and metal, etc.
    1. HY-215 Electronic Potting SiliconeThe two-component electronic potting silicone with low viscosity allows fast cure at room temperature. The condensation type silicone sealant can be applied to the surfaces of PC, PP, ABS, PVC, metal, and other materials, providing good adhesion property.
    1. HY-9301 Electronic Potting SiliconeThe electronic potting silicone is a new type insulation material. Providing no heat production, no corrosion and small shrinkage during cure, the two-component silicone gel is applicable to sealing and potting electric elements.
    1. HY-9055 Electronic Potting Silicone The electronic potting silicone, fast cured at high speed, is easy to use. With good elasticity within a wide temperature range, good insulation and heat conduction performance, the silicone has resistance to water, moisture, mildew, dust, chemical mediator, yellowing, weather and ageing.
    1. HY-9060 Electronic Potting Silicone The two-component electronic potting silicone is thermally conductive with low viscosity and flame resistance. It can be cured under room temperature or heated to cure. The higher the temperature, the faster the silicone will cure. Without producing any by-product during cure ...
    1. HY-9300 Electronic Potting Silicone With low viscosity, the electronic potting silicone is a kind of two-component transparent silicone gel. The silicone is cured at room temperature or by heating. The higher the temperature, the faster it will cure. The electronic potting silicone, without any by-product during cure ...

Electronic Potting Silicone

The electronic potting silicone is mainly used in encapsulation of LED, LCD electronic display screens, advertising lamps, electronic circuit, and more.

The HY-221 two-component electronic potting silicone has two types, i.e. transparent and flame-retardant addition cure vulcanizing silicone rubber, with room temperature or intermediate vulcanization. The HY-221 two-component electronic potting silicone features low viscosity, easy mixing and convenient profusion. Besides, it has superior electric property and is suitable for mass encapsulating.

With low shrinkage, vulcanized rubber has long service life in temperature between -60℃~+250℃. Besides, it is moisture-proof, weatherproof, water-tolerant, radiation resistant, and ageing resistant.

1. Room temperature vulcanization or high temperature vulcanization can be selected as per specific needs of customers.
2. Varied hardness and colors of electronic potting silicone are adjustable upon request.

1. Mix up component A and B according to the mixture ratio. It is usable after vacuumized defoamation.
2. For the silicone rubber that needs heating and vulcanizing, vulcanization time changes with vulcanizing temperature. Shorter time is needed when the rubber is heated by high temperature, and longer time is needed for the thicker one.
3. For the flame-retardant electronic potting silicone, sediment is likely to be produced after long time storage. In this case, mix up component A and B respectively and proportion them before you use the silicone rubber.

Established in 1998, Hong Ye Jie Silicon Company is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic potting silicone in China, and has passed the ISO9001 certification. Our range of silicone rubber includes RTV-2 silicone rubber, HTV silicone rubber, silicone oil, etc. so as to meet diversified needs of customers. Besides, our high quality low priced products have obtained the SGS certificate. If you are looking hard for ideal silicone rubber, please contact us and try our products. We at Hong Ye Jie are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Silicone Rubber
    1. Silicone Oil SeriesIt has such special properties as small temperature-viscosity coefficient, high and low temperature resistance, antioxidation, high flash point, low volatility, excellent insulation, little surface tension, and no corrosion to metal, etc...