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Silicone rubber for fiber glass cloth

Silicone Rubber for Fiber Glass Cloth

Name:Silicone rubber for fiber glass cloth
Number: HY-961
Count: 282
Distribution time: 2010-06-21
Usage: Fiberglass cloth dipping, silicon cloth for making electronic circuit board, brushing silicone.
HY-961 Addition Cure Silicone Rubber can be divided into general purpose grade and flame resistant one.It features with low viscosity, exceptional fluidity and excellent operability.It is suitable for brushing, and can be cured fastly under high temperature.It has excellent heat resistant and flame resistant properties after cured, data can reach to grade UL94V-0.

Excellent heat resistance,flame resistance,ultraviolet resistance, weatherability and anti-ageing,It can be used for a long time under the temperature of -100℃~+200℃,which features with good waterproof and moisture proof properties,air permeability.It is not harmful to human being.

It's especially suitable for coating for fiber glass cloth or some other fabrics.

Typical properties:

Item No. HY-961
Component A B
Appearance(liquid) white or gray transparent
Mixing ratio 9 1
Viscosity (Pa.s) 50~65 8±2
Pot life (25℃)hrs 12-24
Curing time (100℃)mins 20~25
Hardness(Ao) 20±2

Using instructions:
1. Pouring component A into the jar,thinning with 120# silicone oil according to customers' requirements.Mixing it with glass stick by hand and then by mixer.
2. Mixing the component A and B evenely according its mixing ratio,and brush the mixed silicone rubber to the fabrics'surface.
3. We advise to heat the silicone rubber under temperature of 100℃~120℃ for 20~25mins to cure if excellent bonding properties required.
Package,storage and precuations:
1. Component A and B is packed in plastic drums seperately.
2. It is non-dangerous goods,it should be stored in air-tight seal packing and cool place.It should be kept from the sun and rain.
3. The shelf life is about 6 months.
4. Component A and B should avoid to mixing rapidly for long time which makes it reach to high temperautre(≦38℃),thus short pot life and fast curing appearing.
5. This product is forbidden to mix with organic compounds of condensation cure silicone rubber,otherwise, the silicone rubber will not cure, and also should not mix with organic compounds containing S, P, N as well as metallic salt of organic acids. It also will cause this product cure uncompletely or not cure.

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    1. Electronic Potting SiliconeWith low shrinkage, vulcanized rubber has long service life in temperature between -60℃~+250℃. Besides, it is moisture-proof, weatherproof, water-tolerant, radiation resistant, and ageing resistant.