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What is Vulcanization accelerator?

The matter capable of accelerating vulcanization speed, shortening vulcanization time, reducing vulcanization temperature, reducing the use level of the vulcanizing agent, and improving the physical mechanical performance of vulcanized rubber goes by the general name of vulcanization accelerator and accelerator for short. The accelerator can also improve the production efficiency of vulcanization and the quality of vulcanized rubber, make the vulcanization degree of a thick product even, and reduce product cost. The accelerator in the rubber industry has many varieties which can be divided into two categories according to the chemical composition and property, namely inorganic accelerators and organic accelerators. Currently, organic accelerators are universally used except some isolated cases. Thanks to the great accelerating effect, good vulcanization characteristics, and excellent physical mechanical performance of the vulcanized rubber, the vulcanizing accelerators develop rapidly with various categories.

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