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What is silicon?

What is Silicon ?

Silicon is the name for a business line,  such as silicon, silicone rubber, RTV silicone, RTV-2 molding silicone, molding silicone, mold making silicone, silicone rubber for manual model design, shoe sole mold silicone rubber, pad printing silicone rubber, printing silicone, silicone oil, liquid silicone rubber, addition cure silicone rubber,  addition silicon, encapsulant and potting compound, silicone rubber for LED display, electronic thermolysis ointment, thermal conductivity silicone, special silicone rubber for CPU, silicone sealant, HTV silicone rubber, solid silicone rubber, gross rubber, silicone rubber sheet, hot stamping silicone plates, hot stamping silicone roller, etc. All these are called silicon.

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