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Silicone Sealant

Silicone Sealant

The neutral silicone sealant provides good bonding and sealing of most materials. With good performance, the silicone sealant offers good electric insulation property, moisture and corona protection, and shock absorption. Also, it has good resistance to temperature within the range of -50~250℃. Excellent ageing resistance outdoor guarantees the silicone sealant's long use life up to 20-30 years. The sealant is non-yellowing, oil-tight, water and mildew proof, with lasting elasticity.

The silicone sealant, used for sealing and bonding cracks and gaps, has wide applications in the fields of electronic parts, circuit boards, glass, lights, building materials, ceramics, enamel, plastics, metal, wood, aquariums, fish tanks, and more.

Technical Data of the Silicone Sealant

Item Data
Appearance Transparent, glutinous
Viscosity 500~650
Specific gravity 1.0~1.15
Surface drying time 10~30
Shore A0 30~35
Elongation at break 250~320
Tensile strength 15~25
Volume resistivity ≥3×10
Breakdown voltage 2025
Tangent of dielectric loss angle ≤4×10-5
Resistance to high and low temperature -50℃-250℃
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Silicone Rubber
    1. Molding Silicone RubberNumber: HY-728
      Distribution time:2010-06-16
      Usage: For the duplication and mold making of glass crafts, lighting, candle, culture relics duplications.